Proud to be a member of the
Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust
Proud to be a member of the
Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust


In the Technology Department, we endeavour to open our students' eyes and minds to the world of Design and Technology. We want to expose our students to life beyond Somercotes by investigating Lincolnshire, Britain and beyond, although there is a range of exciting opportunities for our mini design technologists within Somercotes and surrounding areas.

We are going to help our students think and consider a range of factors when they make decisions and eventually career choices. We will prepare them for employment or further education be it locally, nationally or internationally by raising aspirations and awareness. We want our students to be able to access our curriculum that will eventually lead to a rewarding and safe future.

Our students have little or no opportunity to experience Design and Technology at KS2 in Lincolnshire due to the lack of experience, skills and equipment in the wide number of primary feeder schools that we have in our rural setting.

We want to develop competent students in the workshop environment and help them develop a range of designing and manufacturing skills. KS3 is just the start.

We are aiming to provide students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to develop their enjoyment of different disciplines within Technology. This is through active and practical involvement. We encourage students to gain ownership and independence in the process of creating work, although this takes time and support to nurture and develop confidence.

Technology is an essential element in a balanced education, allowing personal expression, personal development, creativity and the opportunity to begin to experience how the design process works. Students gain confidence and a real appreciation of each other's work and an awareness of the subject in the wider world.

Students are encouraged to see the bigger picture within a lesson. They need an awareness of the wider impact e.g. many of their other subject areas can impact and play a pivotal role in their Technology lessons. They need to be aware of how their lessons can impact upon their future and will need guidance to enable that view. Some lessons may act as a stepping stone while others will have a clear, easily understood intent.

Ethos and Values

  • To enhance students quality of learning through the effective delivery of Resistant Materials, Textiles and Food & Nutrition.
  • To raise attainment by improving confidence, self-belief and encouraging pride in learners own work.
  • To develop problem solving skills, creativity, and a greater understanding of the world we live in and the products, materials, and resources we use.
  • To consistently set high standards of expectations and match these with high quality teaching, resources and learning experiences.
  • To provide a range of educational experiences appropriate to the age, ability and needs of our students relating to industrial processes and practices.
  • To adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement in all aspects of the delivery of all subjects within the Curriculum Area.
  • To ensure that there is no gender stigma attached to any of the subjects in the Design and Technology curriculum making all subjects attractive and accessible for all genders.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Students can investigate, generate and critique designed solutions for a variety of clients and contexts.
  • Learn how to transfer the knowledge and skills learnt to develop understanding and use in new situations.
  • Be able to understand the roles and responsibilities of people in design and technologies occupations and how they contribute to society.
  • Become more aware of the world around us and develop an understanding of aesthetics, social, moral and environmental issues.
  • Students will practice skills in research, communication and production.
  • Learn how to work as a team and gain confidence in their own abilities.

Throughout their time in Design and Technology students will be encouraged to express personal and informed opinions through research, analysis, design and evaluation tasks. Through Design and Technology all students can become discriminating and informed users of products and become innovators. The main focus of the curriculum is the continuous strive problem solving and developing well thought out and considered designs for a range of different consumer groups.

Resources and Facilities

The Design and Technology department at Somercotes Academy is a hive of activity. The department consists of a fully equipped workshop, to enable students to actively investigate their design work in timbers and polymers. A beautiful textiles room with a variety of equipment to ensure students can construct textiles items such as wall hangings, clothing, storage and much more. The department also has a fully functioning food technology room fitted with the newest equipment. The department is also very fortunate to have a top of the range laser cutter and 3D printer which children in all year groups have the opportunity to use in lesson and clubs.

With all of this equipment we also have highly skilled members of staff who support students on their journeys and encourage their creative thinking.

Courses and Qualifications

At KS4 the Design and Technology department offer AQA GCSE Design and Technology specialising in either Resistant Materials or Textiles Technology. This qualification consists of two sections the first a non-exam assessment and a two hour exam both accounting for 50% of the overall grade.

Learning outside the classroom

Young Enterprise

Somercotes Academy offers Y9 & 10 students the opportunity to enter a team into the Young Enterprise Company Programme. Through the year as a company the students will design, create and market a product, looking into finances, sales and advertisement as well as production for their product / products. The students also have the opportunity to participate in trade fairs and competitions throughout the year. The skills students learn from being involved in Young Enterprise are invaluable.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Within the department we offer a range of clubs for all year groups to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge learnt in lesson, these are extremely successful in building confidence, creating friendships and encouraging teamwork. Have a look at the form notice boards for days and times of on-going clubs.

Where Does This Take Me In The Future?

What careers link to Design and Technology?

  • Engineer
  • Clothing Designer
  • Trend Forecaster
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Stylist
  • Sportswear Technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Medical Textiles
  • Electronics
  • Robotics Manufacture
  • Teacher
  • Food critic
  • Caterer
  • Resturant Manager
  • Electrician
  • Chef
  • Retail
  • Seamstress or Tailor
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Book Illustrator
  • Designer
  • Artist
  • Cosplay Designer
  • Film Set/ Prop designer
  • Mechanic
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Toy designer / manufacturer