Proud to be a member of the
Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust
Proud to be a member of the
Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust

Students showcased their talent in their fantastic Winter Showcase.

The two-act showcase in the school’s main hall featured singers, musicians, drama performances, dancers and much more.

Somercotes Singers

The evening was led by Somercotes Academy’s very own ‘Ant and Dec’, Elliott Hanley and Jack Clark. They introduced acts, told Christmas cracker style jokes and kept the audience engaged between each performance.

L-R Hosts for the evening, Jack Clark and Elliott Hanley

The night started with a performance of Slade’s ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ by the Somercotes Band. This included vocalists, guitar players, flutes, drums and brass instruments. The perfect way to kick off the Winter Showcase.

Somecotes Band

There were performances from singer, Charlotte Capindale and pianist, Sophie Rigley, who performed her debut solo of ‘Parson’s Farewell’.

L-R Singer, Charlotte Capindale and pianist, Sophie Rigley

The Somercotes Singers sang ‘Fa La La’ and were followed by gymnasts, Lexi Evans and Chenaigh Smith, who performed a Mission Impossible inspired routine.

The Ukulele Club performed ‘I’m a Believer’, with Ash Adams following on the piano with ‘Clair De Lune’.

Lexi Evans and Chenaigh Smith perform gymnastic sequence

Ukulele Club and pianist, Ash Adams

The French Choir also sang throughout the evening with ‘La Seine’ during Act One and ‘Always’ in Act Two.

Dance Duet, Delilah Horry and Emily Richardson choreographed and performed to Lily Allen’s rendition of ‘Somewhere Only We Know’.

Isabelle Picker provided a dramatic performance of a scene from Alice in Wonderland, complete with costume and stage props.

Dance Duet performing to Lily Allen's 'Somewhere Only We Know'.

Isabelle Picker performing as Alice from Alice in Wonderland

The first act ended with a fantastic performance from the Dance Troupe. They performed to ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’ from the musical, Hairspray. The audience clapped and cheered as the Year 11 group danced in sparkling silver skirts!

Elliott Hanley joined the troupe on stage for this number and gave a fantastic performance!

Dance Troupe and guest star, Elliott Hanley

The second Act was led by the Dance Club performing to ‘Underneath the Tree’ by Kelly Clarkson. Followed by solos from singers, and pianist, Grace Raby.

James Brown, Stevie Bush and Ellie Lyons paid tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a touching reading, which was followed by Little Voices with their rendition of ‘Revolting Children’ from Matlida: The Musical.

L-R Pianist, Grace Raby. Readers Stevie Bush, Ellie Lyons and James Brown.

Libby and Ella Hudson form Hudson’s Duet. The Year 11 students danced to ‘From Now On’ from the musical, The Greatest Showman. This performance proved popular with the audience and they clapped along, encouraging them in what will be one of their last performances as a Somercotes Academy student.

Hudon's Duet performing to music from The Greatest Showman

Penelope Shaw was accompanied by Miss Ellen Barlow to perform ‘Carols of the Bells’ on the flute. Year 10 student, Penelope recently found success after auditioning for the Lincolnshire Youth Wind Orchestra.

Penelope Shaw and Curriculum Lead for Music, Ellen Barlow.

The penultimate performance of the night came from Isabella Aston-Ottey, who played ‘Experience’ on the piano. This was followed by a lovely song from Somercotes Singers. They sang ‘You Will Be Found’.

Isabella Aston-Ottey on piano

Somercotes Singers

Curriculum Lead for Music, Ellen Barlow organised and structured the showcase with the help of teaching staff from the Academy.

She said: “It takes a lot of courage to get up there and perform in front of all those people. I am very proud of each and every one of them.”

The Winter Showcase demonstrates the importance of Music and The Arts. Students are able to mix with peers from different friendship circles, all sharing the same goal.

You see the happiness and pride that comes with performing. Our students have been working hard in the lead up to the Showcase, often giving up their lunch-time and staying after-school for rehearsals and their hard work paid off as the evening was a roaring success.”

Also at the event was Somercotes’ Youth Enterprise team. They were selling handmade jewellery and keyrings under the name ‘Conscious Jewellery’. Kaylee Pole, Cara Clancy and Paige Thomas attended the evening to man their stall and had made necklaces, rings and keyrings from recycled materials.

L-R Young Enterprise Team, Kaylee Pole, Cara Clancy and Paige Thomas

Kaylee said: “This is the first stall we’ve held, but we’ve done well so far.”

Cara added: “We have already made a profit tonight with what we’ve sold.”

The Young Enterprise Company have a year long competition where the business is designed and asked to trade at markets and stalls. This builds confidence, knowledge of the business world and teamwork for all the teams that take part.