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Proud to be a member of the
Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust

Students at Somercotes Academy enjoy epraise Success

This term students at Somercotes Academy have been getting to grips with epraise, the new rewards system, that has been rolled out in the Academy.

Students earn points for many different positive attributes that they may display, including: creative thinking; effective participation; confidence; team work and many more. Mr Hermiston, Head of Cetus House, explains that “having a visual representation of success that students are achieving in the Academy is great for all stakeholders. Students and staff are enjoying the positivity that the online points system brings”.

Leading students from all five years: Ellie Lyons, Emelia Henderson, Reggie Shaw, Warren Frith and Libby Hudson. 

Through epraise, all students can earn points for both themselves and their houses. They can check their own points and their House points in the Academy and also at home by downloading the epraise App here.

Elliott Hanley, one of Somercotes Academy’s two Lead Students, commented that, “It is interesting to see what we are receiving points for. I like to check the pie charts, because I like to see the healthy competition between year groups and houses”. 

Many students have already been enjoying buying prizes with their points and entering the prize draws available in the Academy. Personalised stationery, in particular, has been a popular reward this term.

Student David Lingard was delighted to be able to choose personalised drumsticks in school that were made by Mrs Ashton-Wood as his reward. David said: “I like the fact I can get personalised items with exactly I want”.

Student across the Academy have access to epraise in their IT lessons where they can check their points and select rewards. Student Nicole Jonczyk currently has the most points in the Academy and notes that the secret to her success is “the fact that it is easily accessed online. It makes a difference being able to keep up with it so easily”.

Parents also have access to epraise to check how their children are doing within the Academy. In September a link was sent out via email to parents to invite them to sign up – if you missed it, simply search for epraise in your inbox and follow the information. The Academy would strongly recommend downloading the app for ease of access.

Top point-scoring students from the three Houses: Emily Chapman – Dorado, Warren Frith – Volans, Liberty Hartshorne – Cetus. 

Current top point-scoring Year 11 Student Libby Hudson with Head of Volans House Mr McBurnie